• Life and Inspiration of Christine

    Every weekend morning at 9 am, Christine laced up her running shoes and she ran the way she lived her life.....

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  • Our UCSF Scholarship

    The Christine A. Geehrer Inspiration in Medicine Award (CAGIM) will provide a $26,200 grant each year beginning in 2012 to one deserving medical student enrolled in the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine.

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  • About Us... and our sponsors!

    In honor of Christine's guiding spirit and her desire to mentor others to do the thing "we" think we cannot do, Chris' friends and family desire to assist a needy and gifted medical student.

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The Christine A Geehrer Inspiration in Medicine (CAGIM) - UCSF Scholarship

The Christine A Geehrer Inspiration in Medicine Award (CAGIM) provides a scholarship of $26,200 each year to one deserving individual enrolled in the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine.

Our volunteer board members for the Award have committed to raise funds in charitable contributions to provide this extraordinary educational scholarship each year. This Award is particularly exceptional because all organizational expenses are donated so that every dollar contributed by donors goes directly to the medical scholarship.

Christine A Geehrer died recently from a rapidly progressive form of lung cancer that strikes non-smokers. Despite the tragic outcome of her illness, her family and friends were incredibly grateful for the compassionate and skillful care she received at UCSF. Every year, we seek students who are not only committed to being the type of physician who cared for Christine but who is also passionate in taking on challenges and living life fully!

For more information about Christine, click on “Life and Inspiration” tab on this home page.

Read About Our Donors and Runners for Team Orange Crush'ed!

A big THANK YOU to the contributors who have donated to our runners:

Barbro & Bernard Osher $2,500 * The California Endowment $2,500 * Marcia Geehrer $1,000 * Diana Tang Duffy $1,000 * Rick May $1,000

Cindy & Joe Connelly $500 * Bill Hoddick, MD $500 · Nancy Olson $500 · Marlowe Flora $500 · Elizabeth Day $500

Winston Hickox $500 · John Emerson $250 · Angela Bradstreet $250 · Richard Wollack $250 · Rita Saenz $250 · Susan McCabe $250 · Terri Thomas $250 · Richard Katz $250 · Wendy Mitchell $200 · Cynthia Hiura $200 · Christopher McQueen $200 · Kelly Dermody $200 · Nicole Lederer $200 · George Granger $200 · Gillett Johnson · $150 · Cherie Larson $100 · FacesofLyme.com $100 · Timothy Sullivan $100 · Billie Greer $100 · Pali Cooper $100 · Robert Weisenmiller $100 · Charina Garcia · $100 Juanita Shimada $100 · Melissa Gee $100 · Christopher Ludwick $100 · Aaron McLear · Michael Picker · Susan Swecker · Michele Adams · Dan Dunmoyer · Rachelle Chong · Therese Stewart · Laura Doll · Ana Ruiz · Amanda Shanks · Susan Lee · Theodore Levitt · Andrew Nesbit · Barbara Mizuno · Jeffrey Belkora · Marianne Sprague · West County Publishing · Bret Voith · Peter Connolly

Sponsor a Team Orange Crush'ed runner for $500 and you will earn a spot on our special Cheering Squad AND a VOTE for selecting our next recipient for the 2013 Christine A Geehrer Inspiration in Medicine Award - UCSF Scholarship!

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